It has been some time in the making, however the first Introduction to Drilling Course has concluded, and we are proud to say it was a major success.

Having spent years contemplating and debating the service, several months on preparing the facility for the course, it is a proud moment indeed to finally see the concept come to fruition. We have been overwhelmed with excellent feedback from our clients and the industry as a whole.

From the 6 participants on the first course, 3 have now secured positions within the industry. Something that was not possible prior to completing the course. All participants believed the course was exceptional and provided them with a good insight on the sector and drilling in particular.  

RDS has also secured two take off agreements with major Drilling organisations who will look to book all Entry Level Offsiders on the course prior to mobilising. This is excellent initiative from our clients, and we can safely say it will better the industry along with saving millions of dollars in retention of staff.  

We look forward to hearing from you on how we can support your operations for future years.

Happy 2020.


Andrei Sarpe

Managing Director

Redfield Resources & Redfield Drilling Services

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