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Redfield Resources is a leading recruitment and training organisation based in Western Australia. Redfield specialises in the Mining and Resources, Drilling, Oil & Gas, Maintenance and Facilities Management industries.

Redfield Resources has earned the reputation of being a highly respected recruitment services provider to the mining and resources industry. Redfield recognised the significant talent shortfall in the drilling sector with many jobs left vacant. This led to the establishment of Redfield Drilling Services Academy.

The Academy offers a Driller Offsiders Training Course for anyone wanting to learn more about the industry and experience first-hand what it’s like to work as a Driller Offsider. The course is highly regarded by the industry and course participants are sought after potential employees.

The Driller Offsiders course is a one of a kind in the local and global market. There are few courses offered and none of them are available at a dedicated onsite training facility like ours.

‘Introduction to Drilling’ Course Information

Our ‘Introduction to Drilling’ course is designed to provide you with the tools you need to become an in-demand employee of the drilling companies and mining industry in general.

The course runs over four days and covers numerous units specific to the mining and resources industry. All four days (and nights) are spent at our dedicated training facility which is located approximately 100km from the Perth CBD.

The facility replicates the environment and working conditions you’re likely to encounter on site (but with a few extra perks!). Our training base has full facilities including kitchen, bathroom and beds but you’re encouraged to bring a swag if you have one to get a real sense of working remote. The cost of the course includes all food and accommodation.

Our friendly trainer is highly experienced and well respected in the industry. He stays with course participants onsite for the full four days. Previous course participants have given him glowing testimonials.

Some of the units covered in the course include:

  • Set-up/pack-up drilling site
  • Support drilling process
  • Assist diamond core drilling
  • Completing JSA’s and Take 5’s
  • Drill rig maintenance + many more…

Future Employment Prospects

The field experienced gained during the four day course will give you a significant advantage at securing employment in the lucrative mining and resources industry. Even if you apply for a role that isn’t a Drillers Offsider, your potential resources employer will appreciate the experience and safety training you gained from completing the course.

Currently, 50% of course participants have secured a long term role in the sector through our recruitment partner company, Redfield Resources. So, if you would like to be considered for a role after completing the course, let us know.

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If you believe you have what it takes, you’re aged 18+ and interested in the industry, you’re right for the course. There are no pre-requisites or prior experience required. We encourage you to apply ASAP as participant numbers are limited on every course.

For further information please feel free to contact the office on (08) 6559 7233 or email info@redfieldresources.com.au.

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